Services at a glance
Aesthetic Dentistry

The restoration and optimization of the chewing function as well as the appearance of the teeth is the ultimate goal of aesthetic dentistry. Particularly important for aesthetic teeth is the harmony of white and red dental aesthetics. Not only natural and white teeth, but also healthy gums and the associated functionality are expressed. Aesthetics and functionality are inseparable in dentistry, because purely cosmetic services do not help anyone! For this purpose, we rely on close cooperation between dentist and dental technician, in order to ensure an aesthetic, functional and sustainable result through systematic therapy. We are happy to advise you from anamnesis, to planning, to therapy! 

Aesthetic Dentures

Restoration and optimization of the chewing function as well as the appearance of the teeth. If all options of tooth preservation have been exhausted, then only the dentures remains. This includes all types of crowns, bridges, implants and a number of removable dentures. In particular, the cooperation between dentist and dental technician plays a major role to ensure the most aesthetic dentures possible. Tooth loss can severely affect the quality of life of those affected, which is why, with the right patient history and the professional explanation of the possibilities, we do everything we can to give you back your smile! We support you with help and advice, but we leave the decision entirely up to you!


Craniomandibular dysfunction (CMD for short) refers to a dysfunction of the masticatory system. This usually affects temporomandibular joints or the masticatory muscles and may cause pain in the entire face and head area, but also dizziness, sleep disorders or much more. Crunching is the best example of this. It is now proven that the imbalance of the spine, the tense neck or jaw musculature reinforce the discomfort in the jaw area. With regard to holistic dentistry, these disorders can lead to further complaints within the whole body, which is why it is advisable to work together with experts from other disciplines (ENT doctor, orthopedist, physiotherapist, psychologist, etc.). Do not hesitate to contact us if you suspect! We will gladly treat you according to our possibilities and communicate you concerning all complaints, outside our department, to a competent expert!

Holistic Dentistry

Holistic dentistry is based on the knowledge that the cause of many acute or chronic diseases are in the mouth. More and more studies show connections between dental and general medical conditions. In particular, the risk of heart attack and stroke are related to oral health, but also chronic arthritis and diseases of the digestive tract. Sometimes the origin is not where you expect it! So do not hesitate to contact us because our goal is to improve your overall health through dental health!

Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease is a bacterial inflammation of the dental bed which, even in combination, may have many causes, such as: bad oral hygiene, genetics, wrong overloading, early loss of teeth, diabetes, etc., as a result of which the teeth lose more and more of their support and eventually fail completely. Current statistics show that almost every second person in Germany has inflammation of the tooth bed that requires treatment.


Furthermore, there should be established connections between periodontitis and general medical diseases, such as cardiovascular diseases, stomach diseases and diabetes. Especially at the beginning of the disease is symptom poor and insidious, only unpleasant side effects such as red or bleeding gums, but also conspicuous bad breath, suggest the presence of periodontitis. Because of this, it is particularly important to initiate preventive measures. Through our SOLO prophylaxis and regular checks, we try in advance to prevent the onset of the disease. If prevention is no longer possible, we offer you early and comprehensive periodontal treatment methods that can be used to stop almost every form of periodontal disease!

Professional Dental Cleaning

Professional dental cleaning is the mechanical cleaning of the teeth, to eliminate deficits in the daily oral hygiene. Under the principle of "preserve instead of repair!" We commit ourselves to the lifelong preservation of their teeth. As the only certified SOLO prophylaxis practice in the district of Saarlouis, we focus on the early localization of causes to make repairs unnecessary. Save yourself unpleasant and ever more expensive treatments through prevention!

Whitening instead of Bleaching

The gentler alternative treatment to conventional bleaching! Food and luxury foods such as coffee, tea or tobacco leave color particles, which penetrate over time in the enamel and cause discoloration. This can not be completely prevented even by thorough oral hygiene. Commercial whitening can lead to a temporary, unpleasant hypersensitivity of the teeth as well as to gum irritation, which is why we rely on gentler whitening in our practice. Bright and bright teeth make them look healthier and younger and also contribute to a positive self-image (in connection with the SOLO prophylaxis, this definitely leads to the desired success). Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us in practice, we are happy to advise you on questions, methods and financing!

Tooth Preservation

Tooth preservation instead of dentures! Not always a tooth must be pulled. With tooth preservation, all types of dental restoration can be subsumed, which serve the longest possible preservation of the teeth, as well as to prevent the replacement of a tooth. Modern dentistry provides a wealth of treatment options, such as filling therapy, root canal treatment and root tip resection. Through proper medical history and individual planning, we strive to keep you smiling for life!


Within dentistry, implantology refers to the insertion of artificial tooth roots into the bones of the upper or lower jaw. The implants made of titanium or ceramic are used to replace the tooth root and are comparable in terms of their biomechanical properties with the natural tooth root. Since the teeth are relevant not only for food intake, but also for the language production, laughter and the imprinting of the facial features, the dental prosthesis plays a major role when the possibilities for preservation are exhausted. Advantages of the implants lie in the versatility of the application (single tooth, free end situations, toothless jaws) as well as in the preservation of the tooth substance, since in contrast to dental bridges no teeth need to be ground off. By a DVT or 3D X-ray the surgery is planned safely to make the best results viable and pain-free.